Kittens at S*Merix born 2010-08-24

CH DK*Killix Feliciano  IC S*Et Consortez Jill Lakritsil 
Male Female
IC DK*Killix Feliciano


HCM-normal 2010-06-03 / GSD IV free

Curriculum vitae

IC S*Et Consortez Jill Lakritsill


HCM-normal 2010-06-03 / GSD IV free

Inbreeding rate in the seventh stage = 0.0%

Pedigree for the kittens at pawpeds  

Name Colour Gender  BirthWeight/Weight Status
S*Merix Black Molly n Female 117/1790g (12 weeks) Stays in the cattery
S*Merix Black Jack n Male 132/1910 (12  weeks) Moved to S*Silent Hill's
S*Merix Black Velvet n Female 102/1600g (12 weeks) Moved to Trosa/Sweden
S*Merix Black Magic n Male 105/1810g (12 weeks) Moved to Malmo/Sweden
We miss both Black Shadow and Black Sparrow that are not with us anymore because of their premature birth, and Jill's lack of milk.

1 Week + 3days 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 4 Weeks
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When the kitten leaves us they are:

We follow SVERAK rules, and do not ship kittens before 12 weeks of age.



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